You start in Auralius, a small village in the wasteland that is Terra Majora. Auralius is little more than a tavern, an inn, an old doctor, and a rundown church that have been roughly sculpted in the decaying remains of an old city. It is the dark ages; several generations have passed since the war that destroyed Terra Majora and all that is left is barren land, ruins of a once great civilization, and a government of high elves that rule with absolute power. At some point during the war, some of the Terran citizens began to mutate, and now the province is littered with mutants who are seen by the high elves as waste and often executed en masse or forced to work as slaves.
You have come to Auralius as a Terran Soldier, a bounty hunter looking for work, a scavenger, a lost traveler, or the refugee of a destroyed village. Now, you find yourself looking for a way to survive and perhaps even thrive in this unforgiving wasteland.

D&D Apocalypse